Hello, I'm Max Potter.

I graduate from my physics PhD program in summer 2019 and I'm looking for an exciting career as a developer.

I like making stuff. I realised early on in my studies that I really enjoy building tools through programming and that's what I spend most of my time on: designing and implementing algorithms, making data analysis tools, running numerical simulations. I'm passionate about the intersection between art and tech - in my spare time I make mobile games and teach myself about AI & machine learning. Check out some of my projects!

Languages & skills

For my PhD I work mostly with Python, Fortran and C on some of the worlds largest supercomputers. I also teach on undergraduate courses in Python & OOP C++. I love games and I have released a mobile game made with Unity & C# - Survive the Night. Currently I'm learning about shaders using JS (Three.js) and GLSL. I'm also working with a friend on some AI projects using Python (keras & tensorflow). You can find examples of each of these on this page.

  • Python - numpy, matplotlib, pandas, keras, pygame
  • Teaching programming: Python & C++
  • High Performance Computing - Fortran, C, MPI, OpenMP
  • Data visualisation & analysis
  • Game design: Unity, C#, JS, shaders
  • Fast & keen learner!

A Few Accomplishments

Released a mobile game!

Platform: Android · Engine: Unity · Language: C#
Aspyrian Labs is a two man development team and Survive the Night is our first release. Even if don't download it you owe it to yourself to watch the trailer - it's a work of art.

Spoke at one of the biggest international conferences

At EGU Vienna 2017 I presented my latest results to a room filled with experts on plasma physics from around the world.

Fluid-particle code interface

Solving the problem of reading fluid data into my particle simulation code was one of the real challenges of my PhD, requiring me to dive deep into low-level C programming in order to build a tool that successfully reads custom format bindary data files.

Examples of my work

Here you can find a collection of some projects I'm working on. Some of these are solo ventures, others are as one half of Aspyrian Labs - a two man development team working on whatever we find interesting: from game design to AI.

Gyre: WebGL Fluid Dynamics shader

Platform: Web · Language: JS · Framework: Three.js
Solo project
Based on maths described in the classic GPU Gems chapter, I'm working on a real time fluid dynamics simulations that uses shaders for parallel computing on your graphics card. This is an ongoing project, check out the demo here or the code here.


AI · Language: Python · Framework: keras
Aspyrian Labs project
A simple simulation of a predator-prey ecosystem, with neural-network controlled animals trained via a genetic algorithm. Built with pygame + keras.

Plasnna: Neuro-plasticity in neural networks

AI · Neuroscience · Language: Python
Aspyrian Labs project
Plasnna is an attempt to design a library for building neural networks that more closely model their biological couterparts.

C++ teaching - code example

OOP · Teaching · Language: C++
Check out the blog post about my teaching work, containing a short example of my work.

Contact Me

If you like the sound of what I do then please get in touch! You can reach me on my social media links to the right or use the contact form below. For employers, I will be available for work from July 2019 and I am willing to move.